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US Financial Policy – I don’t get it

 Totally off topic… But I was listening to Marco Rubio’s interview with Jon Stewart today – I’m a fiscal conservative (but a social liberal, which makes me lean left in most elections). Having said that, there’s some things Mr. Rubio

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NYTECH – 360 Degrees Sales & Marketing

I participated in a roundtable regarding Enterprise Sales and Marketing strategies on 2/27/2012.  Thanks to Aaron Ayer for setting it up and doing a super job moderating the evening.  It’s a bit lengthy, but mainly because there were so many

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What Makes a Top Technology Sales Person?

I recently read an article by Steve W. Martin who did a study of over 1,000 technology sales reps and categorized what makes them successful. I found the findings consistent with my own anecdotal evidence and thoughts around enterprise sales.

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Be “Outgoing” not “Incoming”

Paul Graham wrote this blog about successful vs. unsuccessful teams.  The sentence that grabbed me was “The startups that do best are fire-and-forget in the sense that all you have to do is give them a lead, and they’ll close

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Should you talk to VC’s if you don’t need money?

There has been some outstanding debate over the past few weeks based on a blog post (and then a clarification) by Allen Morgan of Mayfield Fund, who argues that entrepreneurs should not meet with VCs unless they’re formally pitching a

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The Easiest Person to Fool is Yourself

“What advice do you have for those who want to be entrepreneurs?” Physicist Richard Feynman has two quotes that I have posted on my wall and reflect on regularly – “I’m smart enough to know that I’m dumb,” and “The

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Mavericks and Journeyman

I love startups. Just love ‘em. I can’t explain why – both my parents were high school Math teachers – my Dad worked at the same school for all of his 33 years in teaching, and my Mom had two

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How to Create Repeatability in Enterprise Software Sales in the New World Order

The last 3 blog entries focused on creating repeatability in the enterprise software sales process.  One thing that hasn’t been addressed is the changing landscape in this arena.  I read this post recently and got a chuckle, certainly things are

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How to create repeatability with Closing

Hopefully you have read the previous two posts on creating repeatability with prospecting and repeatability with the sales campaign.  So, you’ve reached the happy day where your prospect tells you “I want to buy”.  For the savvy enterprise software salesperson,

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How to Create Repeatability with the Sales Campaign

The last post talked about how to create repeatability with prospecting.  Once you’ve mastered that (and increased your next steps dramatically!), the next step is moving your prospect through the steps of understanding, liking and ultimately recommending your product for

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